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It's That Time of Year Again... Doo-Dad Time!


Ahhhhhhh... flickering jack-o-lanterns... the changing o'the leaves... the first snowfall... chestnuts roasting on an open fire... and time to order your end-of-year Doo-Dads!

Every year 'round this time, real estate agents open their checkbooks (or, better said, key in their credit card numbers) and spend millions of dollars on calendars and other Doo-Dads designed to be distributed to anyone and everyone who crosses their paths. The goal? Why, to ensure that every human being on the planet knows who they are, what they do and how to reach them, of course!

A worthy goal, indeed.

Even I, staunch opponent of the typical Doo-Dad, am sorely tempted this time of year to spend my few remaining marketing dollars on something of value to throw at my sphere of influence in hopes of drumming up some last minute fourth-quarter business or filling up my pipeline for the spring season.

fly swatterBut sheesh, most Doo-Dads are really silly. C'mon - personalized fly-swatters? Ice-scrapers? Lip balm? Oh, I'm not sayin' that I won't use a free fly-swatter, ice-scraper or lip balm, but I can pretty much promise you that such Doo-Dads are NOT going to make me feel obligated to use the person or company whose name graces said Doo-Dad!

That said... I like magnets. Always have. Not just any old magnet, mind you; it has to be cool if it's gonna go on my fridge. Even more important, it has to be cool if it's gonna get sent out to my precious sphere of influence.

What do I mean by "cool?" Glad you asked.

A "cool" magnet is one that is 1) extremely clever or attractive, and/or 2) contains truly useful information that the recipient will appreciate and 3) reflects my personality or interests.

What are some examples of UNcool magnets? Oh, how about a plain-jane, vanilla business card magnet? Or a list of kitchen measurements? Or, from someone like me, the sports schedule of the local hockey team? (But if you LOOOOOOOVE hockey, this would be totally cool for you).

If you're going to spend your hard-earned dollars on Doo-Dads, put your money where your heart is. If something seems a bit silly to you, it probably is. As with every other prospecting method you evaluate, be willing to listen to what your gut has to say on the matter. If your gut seems to be saying "Eh... we can do better," trust me, you can.

Here's a link to what I consider to be the ULTIMATE in Doo-Dad-Coolness. Yeah, I had a hand in creating it, so of course I think it's cool, but I'd love your thoughts as well. And please share your own experiences with Doo-Dads - d'good, d'bad and d'ugly!


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It's That Time of Year Again… Doo-Dad Time!
Ahhhhhhh… flickering jack-o-lanterns… the changing o'the leaves… the first snowfall… chestnuts roasting on an open fire… and time to order your end-of-year Doo-Dads! Every year 'round this time, real estate agents open their… more